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Who am I

I'm OBSESSED with cycling

On July 16, 1984, Luis Herrera, “the Little Gardener of Fusagasugá”, marked a milestone for national sport by becoming the first Colombian to win a stage of the Tour de France. I was an 8 year old child glued to the news of the race with a greater excitement than that of seeing the cyclists, since my father was there with them. He was in charge of dealing with the team's logistics and for two years he went back and forth to Europe with that first batch of beetles.

From one of his trips, he brought me as a gift a BMX bike that became an extension of my body. I spent countless hours of my childhood testing the resistance of that device on the streets of the neighborhood. Learning about fun, friendship and freedom.


As I became a teenager, my interest in bicycles faded and only 20 years later, tired of the unsustainable traffic in the cities, I reconnected with this perfect vehicle. I started looking for brand name bikes but thanks to my insatiable curiosity I discovered on Alejandro Bustamante's Flickr page a photo of a bicycle with a brand unknown to me: tinno.


Don Agustín Hincapié, or “Tinno” to his friends, not only built my dream bike, he also let me document the whole process and this was the beginning of my obsession with cycling. My initial intention was to use it as a means of transport, but as I traveled through the city without traffic, I reconnected with it and pedaling the streets was once again that fun activity to do with friends and feel free.












Bicycles, and cycling in all its variety, became the central theme of my work as a photographer. I started a photo reportage on urban cycling and its subcultures and then moved on to road cycling, downhill, mountain biking, in short, anything that had to do with wheels, cranks, grease, sweat and suffering. Even my trips started to revolve around this theme and in the photo workshops I occasionally take, I always try to carry on my photographic essay.

Photographing competitive cycling has always challenged me in one way or another, and I value immensely the lessons I have learned from this. There's a long wait for fleeting moments, so the first commandment is "thou shall take full advantage of every opportunity".
The level of intensity in photographing cycling can only be compared to the level of intensity of the sport itself. It requires physical and mental preparation, a bit of luck, logistics skills and above all a lot of improvising skills.

I'm interested in images that speak of a moment, that take me back to what I felt being there and that reveal details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

I'm in love with Colombia. It's so mountainous and gorgeous and no wonder why it's home to some of the best cyclists in the world. It is my life mission to show this beauty through my photos.

I've traveled to a lot of places thanks to cycling photography, I hope this list goes on forever:


Some of my photos have been published in printed magazines and exhibited in galleries.

I've also been invited to a couple talks about cycling photography.

I'm a long-time collaborator of FUNchaves, Esteban Chaves's nonprofit, and I also shoot for german sports photo agency Sportograf.

I'm the founder of an alternative sports photography collective: La Vuelta es Así


Mark Gunter World Cycling Photography Awards                     
6th Place 2022

JANUARY 25 2023

Expos and talks

Expo: Por una cabeza                      
Moovil Gallery, Bogotá 

MARCH 21 - JUNE 30 - 2019

Expo: Otro ciclismo                      
Lobo San Felipe, Bogotá

FEBRUARY 20 - APRIL 30 - 2021

Talk: Cycling and photography             With Camilo Rozo and pro cyclist Carlos Quintero.
Moovil Gallery, Bogotá  

MARCH 26 - 2019

Talk FILBO: Caballito de acero que pasas por ahí.

With Zuly Zabala and Sinar Alvarado     Wilborada, Bogotá

AUGUST 12 - 2021

Expo: Escarabajos, una país descubierto a pedalazos
Biblioteca Luisa Angel Arango, Bogotá  

AUGUST 6 2021 - MAY 7 2023


Peloton magazine:
Discovering the true cumbia


Canal Trece:
Ojos de escarabajo


Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango:
Escarabajos Un país descubierto a pedalazos


RAW Magazine:
Colombian Framebuilders


Caracol TV:
Stock Drone Footage of Vuelta a Colombia
Through Cyclists Eyes



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